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Changing your life IS our Mission! What does that mean for you?

CFC established in 2011 with one goal in mind: to completely transform your life from the inside out.

Built on the foundational belief of community first, we know fitness has the power to alter mindset and strengthen individuals mentally and physically to succeed #strongertogether

We also know that fitness should be the best part of everyone’s day! The ability to learn, play and thrive in a supportive community is fundamental to human development.

We back this up by professional trainers who have the skills to design each workout to specific needs and coaches with intimate knowledge of each and every personal journey that walks through our doors. On the surface, CrossFit Credence teaches fitness, nutrition and overall health and wellness, but we pride ourselves in the ability to maximize your life with a full-service experience.

Whether you are new to fitness, a competitive athlete or coming back to reclaim your life, CFC is a welcome home for all. We dare you to look inside the heart of our gym and not find confident, proud and changed human beings, fully prepared to take on anything life has to offer.

The CFC Team

At CrossFit Credence we show up with pride and honor in what we do, which can be most seen in the dedication and care of our coaching staff. Each of these individuals are here to provide you with an experience that is first-class. Our staff is knowledgeable and passionate while always eager to learn more. They push on a daily basis to improve as people, coaches, stay up-to-date on the latest methods&techniques while also keeping their finger on the pulse of this community. The Credence staff are fun and encouraging while also staying dedicated to their post and serving you with excellence. These leaders are excited to guide you on your journey to health&fitness. Meet your team below!