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  • Athlete of the Month: Chris Wachowiak

    By Dave Timm | In CFC Blog | on October 11, 2017

    Favorite Food: Steak TV Show: Scrubs. Currently binge watching: Game of Thrones. Favorite Sport: Watching Football Guilty Pleasure: Watching WWE Favorite movement: Deadlift Least Favorite: Assault Bike Hobby: Reading If you had one hour of free time, what would you do?: Relax and get some rest.      While I knew that I needed to […]

  • Athlete of the Month!

    By Elizabeth Clark | In CFC Blog | on November 16, 2016

    “I started CrossFit in October of 2014 and have been loving it ever since! The first time I’d done anything like this, my main goal coming in was to get into better shape. Before working at the clinic I was a carpenter for  many years and one thing I noticed after the career switch was […]


    By Elizabeth Clark | In CFC Blog | on October 28, 2016

    That’s what my sign should have said… Walking around each day furiously scribbling calories in my little red notebook 1 small banana: 90 4 oz of chicken breast: 273 5 chocolate chips: (yes it was that bad) And what for? I never felt even remotely comfortable in my own skin The last couple weeks I […]


    By crossFitCredence3645 | In CFC Blog | on December 8, 2015

    Lean Machine 30 Day Fat Loss Program What’s Included: 90 minute kick-off workshop to outline the 30 Day principles & program On January 16 at 8:30 a.m Before/After measurements and pictures 30 Day Nutrition Prescription (Nutrition Rx) 30 Day email access and coaching Private Facebook group for accountability, motivation and support from your peers Specific […]

  • The Beginners Guide to CFC

    By Joshua Rose | In CFC Blog | on June 9, 2015

      When you first start our sport, walking in to a CrossFit Box (First lesson, in CrossFit we refer to our facility as a “Box” as opposed to gym) can feel like visiting a foreign country. There is new terrain ( “What is that giant metal contraption called and what is it for!?” ) The locals […]

  • From Skeptic to Sold

    By Joshua Rose | In CFC Blog | on May 15, 2015

      This month, exclusively for our CFC members, we are offering 10% off ALL Progenex products that are pre-ordered by May 15th (TODAY) We’ve had a number of inquiries about supplements lately, particularly Cocoon, so we decided to fill you in on what this product is, and how it can help YOU achieve your goals. […]

  • Super Friends, Super Day, Super fun!

    By Joshua Rose | In CFC Blog | on May 12, 2015

          On Saturday CFC had the pleasure of hosting our 2nd Annual Superfriends Throwdown. This in house competition was such a hit the first time around it was brought back by popular demand and it did not disappoint! Competitors, dressed as their favorite super heroes, took on multitude of challenging movements spread out […]

  • You may have heard

    By Joshua Rose | In CFC Blog | on April 30, 2015

    You may have heard word around the box that our staff here at CFC is growing, and we are happy to announce that it is TRUE! With the enlistment of Troop 010, Worlds Best Bootcamp Southeast Minnesota  will also be welcoming a new team of Commanders in Training! These individuals have shown themselves to be leaders, with […]

  • Congratulations Credence

    By Joshua Rose | In CFC Blog | on April 21, 2015

    Today we are offering Congratulations to TWO outstanding groups of Athletes!   Team Credence made an amazing showing at the Festivus Games on Saturday, taking on Bar-over-Burpees, Max effort Front Squats, and WallBall Shots just to name a few.   Our athletes included Lori Bachman, Kris Biar, Charron McLeod, Jen Curran, Nicole Sharp, Sonja Hamm, Whitney Michelle, […]

  • Did you know? The secret life of Fish Oil.

    By Joshua Rose | In CFC Blog | on April 15, 2015

    Anyone who can read a label knows that Fish Oil is essential for healthy joints as well as keeping that ticker running strong. So in honor of our April Product of the Month your staff at CFC decided to have some fun and share a few of the less well known facts about fish oil with you […]

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